7491 N Federal Hwy C5-270, Boca Raton, FL 33487, USA

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JASEMINE BROWN March 3, 2021 8:36 pm

Was approved within hours of application . I was super excited. So I got off work early to drive to see the house in person because the yard wasnt displayed. Upon arrival there was NO KEY in the lock box. Called numerous times .. she said she couldnt talk …. later said she said she was in meeting. Asked about a refund for deposit since I wasnt even able to view the home it shouldnt have been up. She said she called back and hr later saying she could send someone to let me see. Im like it took me 45 mins to get there the yard isnt even safe the wood looks like it has termites and its on a BUSY road for my kids. Ill just pass or use on a different house. Queen rude said ” its either you want it or you dont “. I toks her yeah im good you can cancel it. This company and Nicole is GHETTO !

Kerron Bousignac February 4, 2021 9:08 pm

They are not helpful at all only when it benefits them rude won’t answer their business phone and it seems like they are professional scammers .

Pedro&cidia Lopez February 4, 2021 4:47 am

there should be no stars really .This is the most unprofessional experience I’ve had with a management company i received a call around 1048am asking me if I was gonna sign the lease and I need to pay soso amount not hey how are just very rude and direct whatever I ignored the pushing I told her I was waiting for my partner to fill out application first before I sign and talk to him then I mention I wasn’t going to be responsible for paying the bills my partner was. she then asked if I wasn’t gonna be able to pay I said money wasn’t an issue then she insisted I needed to sign the lease she had other who were interested i said okay let me call you back by the end of day with the answer before you cancel contract (mind you I was in my car driving at the time so I really couldn’t have signed or did anything ) she rudely said fine just call at end of day I then started talking and heard a click she just hung up on me I said whatever cause I was driving couldn’t really do anything so I got home and pushed my partner to finish application within two hours of the call I called back to let her know it was done and im ready to sign lease I got no answer and I couldn’t even leave a message cause the message machine was full I called about 5 times no answer then I texted no answer I tried to go to my email and sign the lease sent to my email it told me it was an invalid code so by now I figured they gave the lease to the other people which wasn’t fair since I was granted the day I tried calling the office on the actual site still no answer I was able to leave a message on that phone…. even from the beginning process they never answered any calls the only call I got was to sign the lease and pay soso …this was very unprofessional the lady never intended to wait at all and she should of been upfront from the start because I wouldn’t have pushed my partner to finish that application and waste 40$ oh and to top it off with a cherry on top the lady texted 7 hours later to say she rented it already what a pos

Crystal Galloway January 9, 2021 3:18 am

DO NOT RENT from this company. They are rude, don’t care about you, only want money. I moved from a different state, asked if I can move in a couple of days early and they said yes . I had someone look at the house 5 days before move in for me, few dead roaches on the ground but ok. The day I walked in, roaches dead and alive were literally EVERYWHERE. I told them. They said they fixed it. I went back to check (after staying in a hotel because I paid them first, last month rent and security deposit) and roaches were still crawling around. All they kept asking was if I was going to move in. I definitely told them no. They wouldnt refund my security deposit only my first and last. They weren’t even offering to go back to spray the house again for roaches. Horrible service. I’m tellin you, beware.

patton nv July 15, 2019 4:47 pm

Absolutely fantastic property management company. Had no issues while applying, responses were prompt and polite, paying rent online is a breeze and response for maintenance issues is above and beyond. Had air conditioning blow out on a Sunday, filed a maintenance request, had a response that same evening, had someone out by 8 the next day and had AC up before noon. This has been a fantastic experience thus far and I would confidently recommend it to others.