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Alicia Smith August 12, 2018 10:35 am

Sonas is simply amazing! The staff members are friendly and very efficient. All needs and concerns are attended to and handled in a timely manner. I highly recommend!

Linda February 8, 2018 1:07 pm

The absolute worst company. There aid left early and the company bills for the original time. Did not give my mother her medication for 5 days out of a 10 day span. She is a diabetic and also on antipression medication. She was lathargic and unresponsive when I arrived and ended up calling ambulance and in the hospital for 6 days on suiside watch and took a total of 3 weeks and thousand and thousand of dollars before she was ok.
When we contacted the agency when the dust settled they took zero responsibility and claimed they needed her discharge papers cause heir aid said she had a UTI!
The aid also washed her car and left the hose on until our neighbor noticed the water and shut it off. Ended up costing us over $200 more than what we originally spend on water and letters from water companies about a leak we may have! Had to have the company come out checking for leaks. Now we hear from our neighbor the hose was hooked up and burst because the aid never shut it off at the spicket. The grass was saturated and must of been running for days!
They have zero customer service and compassion. We thought my mom was dying. She wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t wake up. This was negligence on the aids part but completely unacceptable from a company to handle it this way and not be compassionate and apologetic.

Awful company!!!!!!

Y Watts October 6, 2017 10:18 pm

I worked a private duty case for this agency for 6 weeks and if I hadn’t grown attached to my client then I would have left after the first incident. My first pay day was scheduled for 9-8-17. After not receiving a check for 6 days thereafter, I drove 4 hours to the main office to pick it up. I then found the check was short and had to wait an additional 2 weeks for an adjustment. The office staff was not concerned and showed little sense of urgency in paying the employees. I received excuse after excuse and was assured that it would not happen again. Today is again pay day. No direct deposit received and no check in the mail. After many emails and no satisfactory response, if any, i finally got a call from the president Debbie I. only to ensure I was working my weekend shifts. She did admit to not sending out pay checks until yesterday (the day before pay day) but then reports it “might” get to me Monday/Tuesday, which is unacceptable in a world where bills are always due. The president then goes on to say “Ive worked with hundreds of nurses and none have decided not to work because they weren’t paid”, it’s unfortunate that I had to explain that I cannot afford to work for free. I have been a nurse for 10 years and have never had to fight for a pay check.