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Robert Henick September 24, 2018 11:34 pm

Norman Robbins did wrong by my father and I. we should have never switched from Wells Fargo. not only did we see a substantial decrease in dividends and assets, but when I confronted Norman, he slammed down the phone, basically he HUNG UP ON ME. HE IS IN NEED OF SERIOUS ANGER MANAGEMENT !!
his firm is located on 7807 Steeplechase Dr PBG. I am going to report him to the SEC. He even lost paperwork so as we could not receive our dividends. we had to resign and email back to his office. wo originally signed the exact same document when we first met, however he running out the door and going on vacation. this was obviously more important than our business interest.
if you want good investment service, I personally reccomend Wells Fargoand ask for Croft Meeker. He asks all the right questions pertaining to your needs and he is conservative. Norman placed us in some stocks which were not considered stable, though they paid a good dividend, the company was on shaky ground and not even rated.
Norman is a smooth talking criminal who is not to be trusted. again, he slammed down the phone on me, that is about as professional as discussing finances with a toddler.
may karma come around and take everything away from this con-artist.
after confronting him on the phone about my first quarterly earnings (less than $3100.00 on 1mil dollars) again, he had the gumption to hang up on me. I will work diligently to spread the word he is a fraud and is probably skimming money off the top. he reminds me of a Bernie Madoff !!