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Helen Blumberg September 25, 2020 1:31 pm

I’ve been very satisfied since Simone Dunkley has been the new administrator. She has been in communication with me in regards to bringing my mother back and seems to genuinely care. I’m also very impressed with Heather from the business office. Because of this I made the decision for my mom to stay at the atrium I’m excited for her return. She had broken her ankle but is doing very well and excited to get back to her activities there thank you Maria also.🌹

Nkume Sobe Jr, DPT, PT – SOBE REHAB August 3, 2020 2:28 pm

Pristine senior living community whose management team has been leaders in safety, professionalism and modernization. Highly recommended!

Christine Alexander July 10, 2020 1:24 am

I work in the medical field, so I appreciate patient care. I was very impressed with the patient care and attentiveness. I felt like I was a priority and there was a genuine feeling of care. I want to mention that Angela Valera was amazing and felt like a family member for us, taking care of my mom. Angela made the experience a positive one, during these difficult times of COVID. I have seen through FaceTime the protective measures taken and feel my mom is in safe hands!

Meryl Weisman June 27, 2018 11:16 pm

My Mother lives at the Atrium and I am delighted with her care. Let me say, I have been an RN, certified Care Planer for 30+ years. I’m NOT easy to impress or fool. Nowhere is there more loving and dedicated staff. I am sure there are better SPOKEN aides, but not more loving. Her meds are delivered on time, correctly, ALWAYS. The med Tech knows what she is doing.

Mom’s apartment is well kept, her belongings respected. Her privacy and independence are respected, while she is STILL safe and secure.

Activities are endless, age appropriate and varied. Frankly, I ENVY WHAT SHE GETS TO DO! I often drop in on evenings to catch the concerts!!

Building is well kept up, in good repair. Decor is lovely, not over done no unnecessary changes. IMHO, that shows poor use of resources, and confuses/disrupts residents.

My ONE complaint? I cant live there too!

Mike Marcus April 4, 2018 12:08 am

I spent the past week (March 27 – April 3 2018) at the Atrium visiting with my mother. From my initial call with Ana, a warm and incredibly welcoming person (if you are considering the Atrium, make sure you meet with and talk to her) to speaking with my mother nearly every day since October 2017 the Atrium staff works diligently to accommodate the varied needs of their residents. There are multiple programs available for the many residents to vary their day and my mother found one she enjoys and a special chair was provided so she could sit comfortably.
A special thanks to Victoria and her dining room staff along with the outstanding kitchen staff and chefs. The meals are excellent, nutritious, tasty and wonderfully prepared – there are always alternative menu items if you don’t want the evening’s primary meal. Satisfying the residents is no easy task, however, I saw a lot of “eating” and many “cleaned” plates.
The core of the Atrium and their purpose are the staff who are responsible for the physical care of the residents every day. This is a very difficult job, but they are the ones who can restore dignity to the elderly men and women residents. Seeing your Mom or Dad clean and properly dressed each day matters and if we take a moment and realize that could be us years from now and how would you like to be treated? I met numerous daily caregivers and was truly touched by the kindness and concern I witnessed. Rose immediately comes to mind and is one of Mom’s favorites, however, the many other caregivers I met during the week were all professional, kind and caring while working with my mother. I thank you with all my heart for the very difficult but tremendously important job you have and please be assured whether or not you are told how appreciated you are. Our piece of mind for our loved ones depends on your successful work.