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The Facility for Personal Training Boca Raton provides personal fitness trainer at our state of the art Gym with highly experienced and strictly college dregree

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Michael Bert February 24, 2021 9:45 pm

At 69, I’ve had many gym memberships throughout the years, most disappointed in their results and professionalism. In only 4 weeks at The Facility during each visit and under direct supervision I’ve already noticed a physical transformation I didn’t think possible at my age. My personal trainer’s aware of my recent heart surgery, hip, knee replacements and works within the limits of my ability. No two workout session have been the same by design. It’s not about lifting and doing sets but more functional as in working multiple muscle groups at the same time. I’ve even asked him to work me harder. Importantly, masks are mandatory and after I’ve touched each equipment it’s wiped with sanitizer. I feel stronger, walk with more confidence, look MUCH better in clothes and mentally happier. From Fred the owner down to the entire staff all have been extremely friendly and helpful. Never have I received as much attention from other gyms as I have here.
You’ll enjoy every workout as I have .
Michael Bert

Bill Grieco February 15, 2021 2:18 pm

The Facility is a gym that takes pride in catering to ones personal wellness needs.The attention to cleanliness is noticeable, especially the intense Covid protection.The staff is not only professional educated but also very friendly.One of the things that impressed me was the highly sophisticated equipment that was available to all.The best gym I’ve been a member of.Constant evaluation of their clients is their key to success.

John Wootton November 12, 2020 7:10 pm

I have been working out here with Shay my Personal Trainer 3 times a week for over a month. The machines and weights are maintained in impeccable condition and during these COVID times everything is wiped down immediately after use, everyone is masked, temperatures and oxygen levels are taken at the door and there is an added air purification system. I feel safe here and as a 67 year old physician safety is important to me. I have been working out regularly using different modalities for most of my adult life. Also during much of my professional life I have worked with or for multiple professional team franchises. I know what a good work out looks like and feels like. This is a great place to get a good solid work out. I had had to take a break for a year and my goal is to regain strength, muscle and flexibility that I had lost during that time. Fred (the owner) and Shay (my trainer) listened very carefully to me and in just over a month I have made great strides. Not strides that only I can see but strides my friends and spouse spontaneously comment on. Shay has a knowledge base that is more than impressive. He guides me through complex and demanding workouts that he adjusts to my body strengthening and confidence building. This is the place to go for safe and effective personal training. I cannot recommend it more highly.

mark cornacchia September 16, 2020 3:17 pm

If you looking to change the way you look and feel then the The Facility for Personal Training is the only gym ! Fred is amazing. Everything from the extreme cleanliness, lots of sanitizers being used to keep the place extremely clean especially during these times, always wiping machines down after each use, lots of care he puts into keeping the gym in tip top shape , state of the art work out  machines, from the awesome personal trainers he has at his gym. Every workout is invigorating and positive.  Eric , one of the trainers i work out with challenges you to achieve your fitness goals with a balanced approach, both pushing you to succeed, yet patient with the process. He’s very educational and supportive.You’re not just lifting weights or doing cardio, it’s a mix of both. It’s very, very intense and it really pushes you to your limits ! Great Place !

Novia Ward September 16, 2020 2:57 am

The Facility is unlike any other gym there is! Fred, the owner, is extremely kind and personable. He truly gets to know you and he remembers you throughout your time there! The staff and trainers are all super friendly. My trainer, Takiyah, was absolutely amazing! She challenged me more and more each session, she is extremely knowledgable on just about everything health and fitness, and does the best job explaining just about anything you may ask in regards to healthy living. Although she is kind, she is also TOUGH! She motivates you to get the job done and pushes you through the pain. I could not believe just how much my body transformed!

I’ve unfortunately moved out of the area and it’s been impossible to find a trainer who lives up to the legend that is Takiyah! Truly miss this gym! It’s a one of a kind facility, and a safe, comfortable workout environment. 1000% recommend!