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Lori Snyder March 9, 2021 8:59 pm

RESPONSIVE, CARING, HONEST, RELIABLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD, REASONABLE……AMAZING! Mr. Cohen represented my son twice, years apart, and he remembered my son.
Due to the circumstances at the time, I cannot comment on the first representation other than to say that he came up big for my son.
The second time, which was recent but for past situations, I was involved, and Mr. Cohen kept me just as informed as he did my son. He was very straightforward, yet caring, and very understanding of my feelings. He truly treated us as family but never gave us false hope. Unlike many lawyers, we dealt directly with him and he was very attentive throughout the process.
The results he obtained were beyond what we could’ve imagined! I highly recommend Mr. Cohen! He does not disappoint. We are so grateful for him! He has given us HOPE again.

Derek Snyder February 19, 2021 7:20 pm

Jacob is the real deal and not only the best lawyer around, he’s also an amazing person! I’ve hired him as my lawyer twice now, both times he has absolutely exceeded any expectations I’ve had. Even though I had a smaller traffic case compared to others I know he had on his plate, he took care of me and made me feel like I was first on his list at all times!!

Each time started with an initial consultation where he laid out a plan, letting me know the best possible outcomes but also making sure I realized others were possible which I really liked. He then did all of the leg work in an extremely timely manner with getting everything filed. He went above and beyond with helping me, especially this time since I was in a different state. Jacob had amazing communication throughout the entire process as well, keeping me up to date at all times and on top of that treated me and my family like his own throughout the whole process. And here’s the best part… BOTH times he has done the unthinkable and got beyond what we thought would be the best possible outcomes!! His knowledge of the law and connections within the system really showed the whole time. Not to mention, he did this all at an extremely reasonable price. I couldn’t be happier and I’d recommend him to literally anyone and everyone!

Thank you again Jacob, I appreciate you big time!!

Rodney Brace January 26, 2021 1:56 am

Five years ago, I interviewed atty. Cohen to determine if he understood our situation involving a relative in jail for family domestic violence. To make this issue more complicated, this relative was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder-Depression.
From the beginning of our conversation, atty. Cohen was very sensitive to the feeling of our family. I learned early on that he, different from other attorneys, focused on building a trusting relationship with his clients was most important. He quickly took ownership of our case and committed to solving our needs. He outlined a strategic plan where I realized he was very knowledgeable, informed, disciplined and would be personally involved throughout the process.
Now that the Judge has approved the Motion to Dismiss without prejudice, I can look back to appreciate even more how atty. Cohen’s short and long term vision of our case was the reason we celebrated this week.
In conclusion, we trusted him and both parties commanded respect. He showed confidence in oral and written communication which exemplified his reliability, dependability, and most important his honesty.
Thank you Jacob!

Pedro Siqueira January 17, 2021 4:56 am

Jacob guided me and helped me through the hardest time of my life. He not only saved my case but he got me a better result than i could’ve even wished for. he’s an amazing person and an even better human being. He is very smart and very straight forward too but will get you the result you want. He works hard till the very end and does not let up. 11/10 beyond thankful for all he’s done.

Stephanie Orue January 6, 2021 5:54 am

Jacob Cohen was more than just an amazing lawyer he gave me a second chance at life. He was appointed to me for a federal criminal case. He managed to give me a second choice of freedom from lowering my sentence to supervised release. He was diligent and helpful throughout the whole process. I recommend him full heartedly.