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Alexis Irene March 17, 2021 8:51 pm

We brought our son here when he was seven months old and we were concerned about changes in his activity schedule, sleep schedule, food/bottle familiarity, and just exposure to others especially during Covid. We have been more than satisfied with her experience with The Learning Experience so far! Kobe has continued to get the attention, activity, structure, and social interaction he needs to grow and continue in his development. I have never felt more comfortable in a program and the staff! 11/10 recommendation!

Kerri White March 15, 2021 1:24 pm

As a working mom of four kids I have a lot of childcare experiences. I can not express how amazing TLE Deerfield is! I love it and wish I could keep my kids here forever!

Cristina Graver March 4, 2021 2:08 pm

There are not enough words to describe how much my son loves TLE Deerfield Beach. The teachers are amazing and the directors are responsive and extremely helpful. We cannot recommend this place enough.

Farah Nerette February 26, 2021 2:17 pm

We’ve been part of the TLE Family in Deerfield Beach since they opened on April 30, 2018. While I was originally apprehensive about corporate childcare institutions and worried my children would not get the necessary individual attention and care, I have been proven wrong, by far about my apprehensions. The lines of communications, even during the pandemic, are always open. My husband and I are able to focus on our demanding jobs knowing that our children are in excellent hands. Whether it is the administration, the front desk team, assigned teachers and even the team who works in the background, such as their cooks, we’ve continuously encountered caring and individualized services. Their app which provides updates throughout the day is an essential, helpful and cool feature! Thank you to the TLE Team for supporting our family through the young years of our precious children.

Maria Pascan December 28, 2020 9:18 pm

I had a very bad experience with this kindergarden, which left me disgusted until now, half a year later.
1. The first reason I took my child out of this institution was the administration. The blonde lady and the lady with brown hair (I suppose the adjunct) who sit in the entrance office behave very disrespectfully with the parents who pay them their salary.
I’m an immigrant, I don’t have perfect English like the natives, but I don’t think that’s a reason for discrimination and making jokes. They allowed themselves to laugh in front of me when I confused a word in English.
2. It is very cold in the entity. Their water bottles are kept in the refrigerator, and after kids come from outside, where they run, sweat, and are very hot, they are given water from the refrigerator as cold as ice.
3. When I met the 3-year-old class, I was introduced to an educator. When I took the child to kindergarten in 3 days to start classes, there was another educator. So as an example, during the month my child who was new to the school with the class, and in general to the kindergartens, had 6 new educators and 2 new classes.
Why? How can the child get used to an educator and be happy when in the morning you leave him with a person, and in the evening, you take him from another class with another person? WITHOUT MY AGREEMENT AND KNOWLEDGE.
4. Given the fact that she moves the child from one class to another, the teachers forgot to send her the bag of food (her lunchbox), and the child was starving all day because of the incompetence of the teachers who did not even bother to feed her.
5. There were other cases when I found the child with his panties down and his pants up, she was potty trained, and she just needed help to lift her panties. So, she sat with her panties down all day, no one was interested in checking the baby.
6.Prison-like food, even if it contained everything. Like in jail. She didn’t eat at all, nothing.
7.As I said before, children were changed without the parents’ knowledge from one class to another, one day there were more children in my child’s group than I agreed to be enrolled. They laid everyone down next to each other.
According to the educator, my child was putted to sleep next to the shelves with toys with his head, in her sleep she turned and hit with her eye in the corner of the shelf. IT WAS PURPLE COLOR. It’s like I sent her to box and not to kindergarten. The administrator, the icing on the cake, didn’t explain anything, didn’t give me a sheet, didn’t show me the recording cameras. (they work but do not register, according to her). So, all the manager said was: You have to believe us. SHE DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE.
Now I am very sorry that I did not call the police to register a case and go to the emergency doctor. If the child would have vision problems due to the incompetence of your kindergarten?
Every time I meet someone in the online environment who recommends your kindergarten, I tell them my experience, and I ask them to look for something better.

I had a very bad experience with you, which left me disgusted until now, half a year later.
Please, receive this review as constructive criticism to improve the services provided by you, because kindergarten is very beautiful and big, but it does not have a good administration.