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Now enrolling infants, preschool and kindergarten. We make daycare joyful, engaging and fun. Enrichment Programs included at no additional cost!

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Jennifer McGreevy November 12, 2019 9:48 pm

We put our daughter in TLE Deerfield when she was 18 months and couldn’t be more happy with our decision. She is loved, taken care of and learning so much! We love her teachers and the administration there!

Christina Derry November 12, 2019 9:18 pm

I knew TLE was the perfect school from the moment I walked through the doors. All of the teachers staff and directors are AWESOME!! My child enjoys going to school everyday and is learning so much, We couldn’t be happier! They make learning a priority but also know how to have fun! I have only positive things to say about TLE! We are so happy that we made the transition, wish we did it sooner : ) we love TLE! Thank you for all that you do!

Michelle Hutson October 29, 2019 12:47 pm

My son has been at TLE Fishhawk for 3.5 yrs and I have LOVED THE SCHOOL – mainly because of the people and they way they cared for and taught my son. In the past few months, there was a change in ownership and things have steadily gone downhill. While you expect some level of challenge during a transition; the manner in which this has been handled and the way the center is currently being managed is completely unacceptable. My goal was to have my son “graduate” VPK with his friends and now; I may have to have him change schools because of the ridiculous and cold manner in which the facility is being managed – bad choice in new ownership TLE…you need to step in and fix this FAST!

Natalia Elenina October 25, 2019 6:42 pm

Our son has been going to TLE at Deerfield Beach since the opening. He really enjoys all the activities at the school. There are always events going on: magic shows, different vendors are invited, photo sessions, snacks, games etc. Everybody is very professional and kind.

South Florida Mom October 11, 2019 7:15 pm

TLE doesn’t honor verbal contracts. My son was in this facility which is the headquarters for TLE. He started attending this day care under the management of ‘Maribel W.’. I had other day cares in mind, but this was a newer facility and they sold me the idea of having the toddlers closer in age gap. When my son enrolled they offered me 3 toddler rooms. So, presumably if i had a 2 month wait list and they have 3 toddler rooms in my opinion they must be the best. I was dead wrong… Long story short, not even a month later, after my son was attending a new director ‘Kirsten’ took over management. She decided to emulate the headquarters daycare to the other TLC branches, which it should be the other way around. The branches should emulate the headquarters, but this was not case. As a result, she eliminated one of the toddlers room. My son was supposed to move from Toddler A -Toddler B – Toddler C. This never took place, but the parents were never notified. She even mentioned that she had issues with other parents too. The first day my son was here he had just turned one year old, someone snap a picture of my son sitting on the concrete floor with tears on his eyes. What I heard from TLE was: ” I’m sorry we were short staff we had six people absent…” Then not even a month later… The daycare giver failed to change my baby diaper, well his skin fell off from his butt. The worst part someone else that I’ve never seen was taking care of him from another classroom. This caregiver was holding him with number 2 on his diaper; he was sobbing on her lap because he need it a diaper change. When I smelled him I went back inside and the front desk secretary Ms. Tracy had to hold my son down so I would clean him up. It was this bad and all I heard was I’m sorry… They told me it takes 1 month for you kid to adjust my son was on daycare since he was four months, so being in a daycare was not a new routine for him. He was here for over 5 months and he cried every day I will drop him off. Things I learned about TLE: 1-They don’t keep their word Toddler room eating schedule: Breakfast at 8:30 -9:00am Lunch 11:00- 11:30am Snack at 3:00- 3:30pm Notice the 4 hour gap… I’ve told them several times four hours is too big of a gap. 2- My son was always starving when he got home and always fuzzy. 3- They will deactivate your account you will not have access to your kids photo. However, the director will say I’m sorry!!!

Para as maes Brasileiras fiquem de olhos abertos nas pessoas que cuidam de seus filhos. Muitas vezes elas nao estao nem ai.

Para las madres latinas esten pendientes de las personas que cuidan de tus hijos. La mayoria de las personas ahi no les interessa.

I honestly wish I had a better experience, but this was not the case. I hope parents don’t enroll their kids in this school before their kids can speak and tell them what’s going on…Unfortunately, for my toddler this was not a school willing to provide him with a safe a nurturing environment. Connie O.