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THOS Fashion School of Design | The Leading Fashion Design Training Program Preparing Students for a Successful Career in the Fashion Industry

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Julia Zheng February 13, 2021 4:14 pm

I’m a new student at THOS fashion school. I’m loving my classes there and happy to go to each class. Our teacher Letty is very knowledgeable and professional. Every class, I’m able to learn different fashion knowledge and sewing skills. Letty is always helpful and patient with each of us’s question. I, as someone who didn’t have any sewing skills or drawing skills at all can be slow in class but Letty always helps and encourages in a thorough way to make me understand and remember. She really cares for her students to make progress and succeed. I totally recommend THOS fashion school to those who love fashion and need a great teacher.

Tyler Fontanez December 2, 2020 7:26 pm

Since joining this program, my perception on fashion has changed. I have learned so much about every single aspect of fashion design in just a few months, it’s incredible. Letty is also a very knowledgeable teacher who has been there to correct mistakes and assist in areas that I struggle with. I would very much recommend this program to anyone who has interest in becoming a fashion designer today.

Caress Owens October 16, 2020 4:01 am

I’ve been attending THOS since March of this year (PRE-COVID) and it has been NOTHING short of AMAZING! Letty (The owner/Teacher of THOS) gives it her ALL; she’s certainly found her purpose and shares it with the world through Fashion, and is extremely Gifted and experienced. Each time I come to class I literally leave more knowledgeable than when I came, and I know its all because of Letty’s teaching. Everything is hands on; within my first week of starting class, Letty had me sewing and cutting out patterns, and I’d never done any of that prior, I mean we literally got right to work; she showed me how/what to do, and I executed. It wasn’t perfect, but to have put together my First real garment so soon was such an amazing feeling! Letty is Passionate about what she does, and has a remarkable skill-set; seeing her in action always makes me feel that I’m in the right place! Letty’s also interested in our personal goals for our Fashion Journey, and does everything she can to help us hone into that very thing we desire, which is a Bonus. There are teachers everywhere, but to find a Teacher who genuinely cares about you and your all-around personal growth is rare. I’ve found just what I was looking for at THOS and much more, the energy Letty gives off is Awesome, and her work ethic in the way she teaches is unwavering! The Spirit of creativity most definitely rests upon the Studio and it has the right Teacher to pull out all of that awesomeness you didnt realize you had inside.

Emily Tides August 11, 2020 5:17 pm

The person who answered my phone call refused to give me any sort of pricing for a class over the phone and told me I would only be told if I visit. I would hate to waste someone’s time by visiting a school I can’t pay for, so of course I would like to know a general idea of what a class would cost. If I had been given an estimate, I would have visited the campus. I don’t consider the way this was handled to be professional and the reasoning behind not giving me a general quote is silly. I’ll be going somewhere else.

Francine Lydon September 20, 2019 4:02 pm

THOS Fashion School has been amazing for our son! Letty is a skilled fashion teacher, upbeat, passionate and kind. She passes her knowledge on to students that are seeking to enter the fashion industry! From the moment you enter her program you are designing and sewing. Letty possesses the ability to pull out the creativity of her students! Now our son is focused and is soon applying to Parsons and FIT design school.