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David Handman January 25, 2020 7:15 pm

I called in regarding some essential oils I wanted to purchase and they did not have what i needed in the right dispense methods. They did however have the oil’s that I needed and asked if I could pick them up today but apparently they were closing early. It’s 211 they close at 3 o’clock to me a good business would say how soon can you get here. Not call us Monday, if it is something the potential client needed.

Am Sam March 24, 2018 4:31 pm

For years I dealt with back pain, pills didn’t work, chiropractors offered a temporary relief. I suffered and spent almost every night on a heating pad.
It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Mona Khalil that I knew what true relief from back pain felt like!! She is a wonderful doctor who took to time to listen to my issues and where I was having pain.
I have received acupuncture and cupping treatments from her and she has a great eye to detect where the muscles and pains are just by looking at your back!! She made sure I was comfortable and explained as she was doing the acupunture and cupping what to expect next and how it all worked.
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mona Khalil to EVERYONE!!
The office is so comforting, great energy and very peaceful!
I am happy to say after YEARS of back pain I finally found someone who has helped me find relief for 3-4 weeks after each visit!!!
Do yourself a favor and call today to see Dr. Mona Khalil!!!

-Amber S.

Etsuko Fast February 22, 2018 6:02 pm

this was my first cupping experience. Does leave marks but benefits outweigh. My whole body was so uptight I made subsequent weekly appointments for one month. My therapist (from China) also uses Gua Sha technique, excellent in healing tight knots.