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Coralie Graham October 5, 2018 4:10 am

My son Joel had 3 Perispinal Etanercept treatment s 4 years ago given by Dr Tobinick. As a scientist, reading all the relevant independent scientific literature before making the long and challenging trip from Australia was an important part of our decision to seek this treatment. Since receiving this treatment Joel has had sustained improvements in speech, swallowing, memory, concentration and mobility. In recognition for the importance in getting this available to others who need this treatment, we set up a charity (Stroke Recovery Trial Fund LTD) to fund medical clinical trials to get Perispinal Etanercept treatment approved in Australia). The first of these clinical trials is currently underway (see our website for more details. For Joel and the many others who I have personally spoken to after having this treatment – the improvements following Perispinal Etanercept Treatment are well worth every cent.

Steve Fikar April 23, 2018 6:37 pm

Dr Tobinik’s practice is a fraud. He charged us $7,000 to treat my wife 2.5 years after her stroke.

She was actually treated by a different doctor in his clinic, Dr Levine I think, who is also not a neurologist. What made me really mad was, after the injection, they do an evaluation to see if she has improved. Dr Levine tried to convince us that my wife was walking better, etc after the shot. She wasn’t. She was actually walking a little worse (her tone had kicked in a little more).
I find such actions as this to be TOTALLY UNETHICAL.

Don’t go near this place, don’t call them, don’t give them any money, don’t let them treat you.

Finally, don’t let the fancy name of his clinic fool you. It is not an institute in any way. It is just an average doctor’s office at best. What a scam.

If you don’t trust my review, then read tons of other similar reviews about this doctor on other review web sites.