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Gamma garcia January 23, 2021 6:19 pm

Great company that I would definitely recommend for your next project, professional and top notch service.

I love their Charisma and Creativity when it comes to outdoor spaces.
Personally Being in the industry for 20+ yrs and only a hand full of pool builders inspire me to continue do things right the way that Bruce does.

Chris Capuano December 15, 2020 8:55 pm

1st let me say that Im NOT the type to leave reviews for businesses. I can order fish at a restaurant & get chicken & I feel bad to make a peep. Im a business owner myself and would hate for someone to leave a negative review on my company. So this is very out of character for me to even write a review like this. BUT after giving Bruce Tucker Design Build countless chances to make right I am forced to leave a very detailed negative review. Little over 2.5 years ago I found his company online. I wanted to do something unique in the backyard revolved around a huge fire pit sitting area. Bruce came to my house and at his advisory I paid him 1200 for renderings on an elaborate idea he had. Plan ended up being a $45000 combo of firepit sitting area, water feature circle area, swinging chairs circle area, landscaping, lighting, etc. (more than I had planned) He said it would be an easy 6 week project. Demo happened fast. I thought it was sloppy from the beginning when they just dumped mounds of dirt in front of my curb. Huge mounds. Garbage wouldnt take so I had to pay landscapers on the side to take it all. After demo there would be many days where nobody would show up. Id be promised the job would be started & days would go by with literally nobody coming. The frustrated feeling of coming home from a long day of work excited to see progress on this big project and day after day there was just zero done. I heard it all from “Im down some workers” “Guys didn’t show up” “Waiting on supplies”. Then some work would be done, we’d see some progress – then again, ghost for days/weeks at a time. It got to point when I’d call Bruce when I got home venting about his “timeline” and why nobody showed up hed ACTUALLY YELL AT ME FOR CALLING AFTER 6PM & THAT HE WASNT GETTING ALONG WITH HIS WIFE. Well sorry Bruce. I work and I get home after 6 and your company was doing nothing for the project. Fast fwd water feature finally gets installed & it looks terrible. When I called Bruce he did- in his defense -immediately agree it didn’t look good at all and it’d be removed and replaced. Mind you, it looked nothing like the examples he showed me in the $1200 rendering, nothing. We are now 3-4 months into the 6 week project and I have a big party coming up. I had to make threats to Bruce to get the job done in time. I even bet his project manager guy James $500 it wouldn’t be done in time. After constant vents of frustration, borderline arguing. Hed have just 1 guy 2 tops here working. Never a full crew. Then when its time to get the electric work done Im told thats an extra expense I have to pay their electrician directly. We knew there were lights and power needed for the water feature from inception right? & I was quoted an amount right? Now Im being told an extra $1000+ in electric work? Not cool but at this point anything to just get the job done. They get it 90% done 4 mos later and in time for party. I did NOT make his worker pay me the 500 bet even though he admitted I was right. They slowly finished afterwards. 4-5 months. Youd think it’s over now right? 1+ year later lights start going out on me! LED “brand new” landscaping light fixtures. Slowly 1 by 1 stop working! Huge middle circle of sand and spiral turf is now eroded. Weeds growing out, huge areas of missing sand, cracks around fireplace, starting to fall apart. I finally get them out here for the bad lights they have the nerve to charge me 1000! It gets better-IM STILL WILLING TO GIVE BRUCE AN OPP TO MAKE RIGHT AND COME UP WITH A NEW LOW MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR THE ERODING SAND AREA! MONTHS go by months. Im chasing him and his slow guy Bob. 4 months endless texts, friendly reminders. Just more excuses. Never accountability. Never showed me as a human he wanted to come correct this time & salvage the relationship especially how the 1st experience went. Now Im 2 yrs later with eroding work a company that wont take responsibility & THEY DONT CALL OR TEXT ME BACK! Now Im forced to have their competitors come & invest more $ into this. I dont talk bad about people. Bad experience.

Ryan Boylston September 16, 2020 3:32 pm

I have worked with Tucker Design Build on many projects – including my own. The quality of his work is topped only by the speed in which they can deliver – and the cutting edge ideas Bruce brings to the table. My last two backyards would not have been the same without him!

tylerskiles July 16, 2020 3:46 pm

I have used Tucker Designs on over 60 projects in the Boca and Parkland area. Their level of communication and quality of work is unmatched in the construction industry and working with them has been a uniquely positive experience. They have handled pools, landscaping, and general construction for me in homes ranging from $1m- $3m and have never let me down. Great company, couldn’t recommend them enough.

Michael Vergona April 4, 2019 12:17 am

Bruce is an amazing designer and working with him is actually a lot of fun. He is working with us to match my wife’s exact specifications and he never makes us feel bad about being picky or asking questions. If you see his finished work, you will know you’re working with a talented and rare designer who’s knowledge and expletives stretches beyond just landscaping and pools. I highly recommend using Tucker for your driveway, pool, landscape architecture, or putting green!