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Hannah Benn March 5, 2021 9:30 am

I scheduled an appointment for 4 and was called around 4:25 to have my nails done. I got short coffin acrylics with gel polish. The lady who did my nails was on the older side and did not shape my nails very well. She didn’t put the fan on my acrylics after applying so it never dried completely. Thankfully, she took a very long time applying the acrylic to each nail so I guess it dried in time to be filed. She messed up one of my nails when applying the polish and placed the UV light on top of my nails by accident , didn’t say anything, and just kept going. The whole thing took longer than it should have and she was constantly rudely bending my fingers in uncomfortable positions instead of asking me nicely to adjust. She even got up and moved my chair for me without saying anything. I’m a super nice person so I just let everything slide and was going to tip her really well anyway. I’m 21 years old but I am a small, young-looking person so she probably assumed I was a teenager with no money so she treated me badly and took advantage. I’m also a black woman so that probably has something to do with it. When it was time to pay, I owed $60!!! Which is honestly insane because at every other Venetian Nail Spa I’ve been to, my short coffin acrylics with gel polish was $45 at most. She definitely raised the price on me for absolutely no reason. I was early, didn’t complain about anything, was nice to her. I even tried to make conversation with her but she seemed miserable. I was going to give her a $17 tip because that’s all I had left in cash but I was truly mad at the whole thing so I tipped her $2 on my card instead. She was getting the rest of that money she upcharged me anyway, right? I urge the workers at this establishment to be nicer to their customers. Every person I showed my nails to said she did a bad job. The only nice one was the front desk guy. Hats off to you

Anthony D February 27, 2021 4:29 pm

Cassie is the best I would never do business with anyone else, she has the best touch and is very personable and understanding of your wants and needs. She will make sure that you are treated like a king or queen. She is punctual and extremely professional and I look forward to bringing myself and my clients to her whenever they are in town. If she is not available I go to Tiffany who is also amazing!!

Stephanie Kaur December 30, 2020 1:07 am

I got my nails done and the person who did my nails was in hurry. She did not even care that she cut my fingers at various places. My nails looked better before getting them done as there were no cuts atleast. Will not recommend to anyone.

Vivek Cheroo October 22, 2020 8:13 pm

Cassi is awesome. Really efficient, painless and gentle, and always friendly and sweet. I don’t go anywhere else and I always ask for her. If you want your nails to look great go make an appointment and I would recommend asking for Cassi she won’t let you down

Ashley Erdman October 11, 2020 5:52 pm

Beautiful new location! They take all necessary precautions at the moment too. Take your temperature before entering and directly make you go wash your hands before touching anything. I got a pedicure and all their equipment was prepackaged and opened in front of you. I’m very happy with my pedicure too!!