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Flash Giordani February 19, 2021 10:02 pm

Do they not know how to answer the phone? I have tried calling both the pharmacy to follow up on a prescription and the three times i did i sat on hold until eventually the hold menu just disconnected me

Michael McGovern January 8, 2021 3:58 am

Rachel the newer pharmacist talked down to me, got short very quickly , called me “honey ” and told me to have a ” verrrry ” nice day as sarcastic as she could say it. My wife and I have been pharmacy customers here since May of 2012. I will discuss it with the district manager and if I am not satisfied with her response I plan to go to CVS from now on. By the way I told Rachel that I might go to CVS and she said “go ahead”.

Hillary Paul December 19, 2020 2:56 pm

12/19/20 – I was at the Pharmacy (9:00 am) to pick up a prescription whereby I received the automated call that it was ready. I was early and one other man was waiting ahead of me. The Pharmacist said “I don’t know who is first.” I happily said that the gentleman was and pointed to him. The Pharmacist (Rachel) complimented me saying how nice of me to do that. A second girl came to the counter named Jasmine. She immediately said that they do not have my prescription in stock. I replied than why did I receive the automated call from Walgreens that it was? She walked away to check the computer and came back saying that it was in stock, but that my insurance does not cover it. Jasmine never apologized and had a lousy bedside manner. I informed her that she did not ask me what insurance I have since it recently changed. I gave her my insurance card. Unfortunately, the item was not covered and I asked why since I have received the same Prescription in the past. She snapped that it was the brand. I asked how much it was and she replied $200.00.I was floored. I asked if there was a generic? Jasmine replied that I would have to get another written Prescription from my MD. I said forget it and to just ring up my lip balm. One of them did not have a price. I was kind enough to offer to get another one or to take a photo since it was literally behind the counter. She said she had to call a Manager for a price check. In the mean time, she barked at me “I have to help another customer.” The Pharmacist (Rachel) in the mean time gave me a dirty look and said that I was being rude. Rachel owes me an apology as I was absolutely not rude and embarrassed me in front of other customers. Look at your Security footage. Both Jasmine and Rachel the Pharmacist should seek other careers or learn some manners and etiquette themselves. I ended up walking out as I did not wish to wait and was disgusted. It’s bad enough having to go into any drugstore with COVID. I just wanted to leave and not expose myself any longer than needed. I did call and spoke with Julio, the store Manger. DISGUSTED!!!

Constance Brooks December 1, 2020 6:03 pm

This store is terribly understaffed. Expect at least a 20 minute wait on hold when calling the pharmacy. Then expect the phone to be picked up and put back on hold every minute or so while you’re waiting on hold. You also cannot pay for your prescription using their app because there is no wifi service while in the building

Mark G October 14, 2020 5:04 pm

They do not answer the phone. Rather while on hold for over an hour they pick up and I hear them talking and then put me right back on hold.