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Wellness Resource Center is the preferred residential addiction rehab & mental health treatment facility in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Reed November 17, 2020 9:49 pm

I was a client here for 71 days. This was my first time ever in a rehabilitation center. I can honestly say, that I got the absolute most out of this program. I didn’t have very many expectations considering I had nothing to compare it to. However, the staff is amazing!! Between the clinical director, Gary, who goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. The nurse, Patty, who is truly one of the most caring, compassionate healthcare workers I have ever met. The therapist who fight for your recovery on days when you feel like giving up. And my favorites, the techs, Mike, Doug, Jim and Steve who work so hard to maintain our safety and will listen to you any time you are having concerns. I followed all of the clinical teams suggestions. I stayed in treatment for 3 months when I was absolutely committed to 28 days and I’m out of there! I went to halfway, when no way! You are not going to get me to live with a bunch of recovering addicts after treatment! And I listened more than I spoke. I put my blinders on and I focused on my own recovery despite what was going on with the other 40 revolving clients that were there during my stay. I will forever be thankful to wellness for helping me find that “fire” for life again. I am still in halfway and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I work a program. I show up when I don’t want. And I don’t pick up. Thank you WRC!!!!

Jennifer Andrews September 26, 2020 1:50 am

I currently work here, however I do see a lot of great clients work the program, focus on themselves not only to become better from this disease, but a better human being overall. I wanted to write this because the whole staff is wonderful to work for and truly do care about the clients that come through those doors. Some ratings may have a one star because they weren’t focused on themselves and maybe they aren’t ready to. I hope and pray that day comes for them because the transformation I see in a lot of these people that come here is beautiful.

Megan Leach August 19, 2020 5:59 pm

Wellness Resource Center is exactly that— a resource in Palm Beach County that is one of a kind. They provide aftercare/outpatient treatment services for mental health and substance use disorders. Their program and housing costs are extremely affordable and they accept most insurances.

I have the pleasure of knowing this phenomenal team! Marina and Andrew are two staff members that I’ve had the opportunity to witness handle all situations with the utmost ethics and standards. They put the patients clinical care experience above all else; I would absolutely send a loved one to Wellness Resource Center!

— Megan Leach

Kelley Anderson July 20, 2020 7:22 pm

This unfortunately was not a good fit for my daughter for personal reasons regarding her, but I will say even 2 weeks after my daughter left their program, they went above and beyond to help me make sure my child was safe in Florida (as we are all from Massachusetts) and they are even providing her with a sober escort to the airport tomorrow to get her back up here so that she is definitely safe and that means more to me than anything. If you have any issues, their team will work with you as much as you need to find solutions and I’ve been very satisfied by that! I would recommend!!

Jonathan P July 1, 2020 4:32 am

I was 19 years old when I came into Wellness Resource center. I had Been struggling with drug addiction and could not stop despite always wanting better things for myself. I had a terrible relationship with my family members (they feared for my life and did not know what to do with me), no good friends in my life, poor relationships, was a bad employee, and on top of it all I couldn’t properly manage my emotions. I was constantly unhappy, anxious, and lost.

I got into wellness, and I stayed there for a few months. During this time, I got to be a part of therapy groups and they took us to meetings. It was suggested to me that in addition to the therapy and groups that wellness facilitated, I also get to know people that are a part of the recovery community locally. I did what I could to take the suggestions wellness gave me.

Today, almost 5 years later, I could not be more grateful for the suggestions and opportunity that I got from wellness. I am a straight A business student with dreams and goals that previously appeared unattractive and out of reach for me. I have a terrific relationship with my family, whom I was previously very resentful towards. I have incredible friends and supportive people around me. I get joy out of helping others. I am healthy. I have an incredible emotional foundation and haven’t found it necessary to pick up drugs or alcohol in just about 5 years, even through difficult situations. I am happy and know that my life moving into a more fantastic place every day.

This all started with the suggestions and guidance I got from wellness resource center and the people I was introduced to when I got there.