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Mario Schlindwein August 9, 2019 7:50 pm

The bank is the best Bank of Americaand it looks like em Boca Raton.

Uri Rendon Owner, Pure Brokers LLC August 1, 2018 6:24 pm

I never write bad reviews for anyone or any business, look at my profile!! but I had to share this terrible experience. I came in here to deposit money into a Wells Fargo account. Yes a Wellsfargo account. Same bank. I’ve had a business account and personal bank account with them for 12 years. And because one check I was depositing was in my name and another check was another name, the teller Sukana proceeded to have me fill out multiple pieces of documentation to deposit in a small amount of money into a Wells Fargo bank account and also pay random fees to do. The most interesting part about the this experience and the fees is that she waited until we processed and signed everything, and then I asked her if the fees could’ve been avoided and she told me yes- she could’ve printed a check for me right there and charge me three dollars instead of the two different fees for money orders she had me print out. But of course I’m told this after I sign for everything which I thought was really funny and unbelievable. Not to mention the 15 people standing behind me in the line all annoyed as well. I was standing there for 25 minutes literally to make a deposit…from on Wellsfargo account to another WF account. Not Wellsfargo to bank America or any other bank. It was there accounts!! It was also funny when I asked what this is all about and why it’s taking so long and she tried to hand me a pamphlet on the banks processes that had 20 paragraphs of micro print on it and she expected me to stand there for an hour reading it with everyone behind me. I just thought people should hear about this because I was there not to take money from them, but to put money into one of their accounts LOL. I understand now why no one wants to go into a bank and why banking apps like Venmo and Cash app exist (thank the lord). If you’re going to stop by this location make sure expect to be there for a long time, whether you’re doing business with Wells Fargo or not. I’ve also had bad experiences at this location with trying to see a banker regarding my business account. I will do whatever I can to avoid not only going into the bank but this particular location too.

Leonor Rojas Perez February 21, 2018 8:22 pm

I walked into the bank today to get info about my new checking account that I opened online. Natasha went the extra mile to help me to open a second checking account explain every detail about the account. Very helpful. Excellent customer service!

Roony Mendez January 10, 2018 4:05 pm

I know this a stupid question but before coming here I was like Is this a real bank or like a corporate HQ? Anyways it’s real lol and the staff was really nice I didn’t have to wait in line or anything.

William Gagliano August 31, 2016 8:02 pm

My account rep for stocks transferred me to someone else without callin me. Now I want to trade so I call and couldn’t get a rep to handle my trade as no one answered the phone thereby losing money on my initial order. It wasn’t done until later in the day at a increased price. Then after speaking with a manager I traded 40shares of Appl and bought 210 shares of twtr Ok alls fine gave me a discount on commisions later a rep calls and says your short 124 dollRs on trades. This after all was supposedly settled as an even trade using commision discount now I find they only discounted one side of the transaction Please settle this. I am sop pose to have 700 sh Appl and 262sh of Twitter with no added fees Wlilliam Gagliano a customer for over twenty yrs I’m 76 yrs old and hope this isn’t a scam on me. Thank you for listening