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Rick Redden January 12, 2018 2:13 pm

We had them in to do our school in May. We had a $1500 facility agreement. They had been at our school three times before. I have always been happy with the people I dealt with. I have called numerous times to deal with the facility fee. At the beginning of November, they asked me to break it down to three payments, which I agreed. I have done this and still no response. Eight months later I get a run around every time I call and to top it off I have given nothing but positive responses on every reference they have given me.

Kelly Finn May 17, 2016 9:21 pm

Wimbledon contracted with our medical practice last year. They were to pay for use of our office space to perform tests and pay a medical director fee for the doctor on duty to oversee the technicians performing the testing. We were supposed to be paid on a 30 day basis. When the checks began coming over two months late, Wimbledon told us that we “we’ were not sending them enough patients.” The contract was to rent our space and use our doc for medical direction. They were supposed to be offering their services to other doctor’s offices throughout our market area and that is why they “leased” our space. When we told them that we would not send patients to their techs for unnecessary testing, they refused to pay over $5000 that they owed for lease of the property and for the medical director’s time. The manager in charge talked to us like absolute dogs, going as far to threaten us by phone and email. We reported them to the state board of medicine and to Blue Cross and United HealthCare. They were billing our patients for multiple tests that were never performed in addition to not paying to rent the space. I have been in healthcare for 15 years and have NEVER seen a company this deceitful and corrupt. Do some research on their CEO. The state’ attorney’s generals of Illinois and California banned him and his business from doing the same kind of practice in those states. So, he went to Florida and regrouped and started Wimbledon. Do not be a pawn in this company’s schemes.

Melisa Ayala February 10, 2016 8:01 pm

I contracted with Wimbledon Health Partners to perform nerve conduction testing for my patients. Every patient that they saw, I was told that each patient was fully covered and they would have no out of pocket expenses. Months later I have patients that are receiving bills from Wimbledon Health Partners ranging from $750.00 to $2500.00. This Company WILL verify all patients benefits but they WILL NOT notify and call the patient before the appointment to review financial responsibility. I would call before the patients appointments to get financial responsibility so I can notify the patients and the verification department NEVER told me that any of my patients had deductibles or financial payments that would be due. I would ask them if they where fully covered and they would state yes. As the patients bills started to come in, I would ask the patients if they signed any paperwork stating that they where financially responsible, they would ALL state no. Well come to find out when the patients would come in for the testing the Tech would have the patient electronically sing a form that would allow a doctor to read the testing result. The Tech NEVER told ANY of my patients that they where also signing off that they would be financially responsible for any bills.

Yes the patients signed off on paperwork that they didn’t read.
Yes the patients went ahead with testing that they where only given a verbal confirmation that they where fully covered.
Yes the patients and myself also trusted that Wimbledon Health Partners was a professional and ethical company.

This company will verify your benefits. Tell you that you are fully covered. Have the tech not disclose the complete reasoning for your signature, and then send you a bill and make you fully responsible for it ALL BECAUSE THEY KNOW PATIENTS WILL TRUST WHAT THEY SAY.

I highly recommend that if you need any type of testing just go to your primary care physician and get a referral and call your insurance company to get a provider that is in Network. This way you will be seen with a provider that has to follow your Insurance Companies guidelines.

Paul Waller February 1, 2016 4:26 pm

Just completed cardiovascular testing on over 150 student athletes at a high school in the Dallas area. The Wimbledon Athletics techs were awesome and very professional! Great company to work with, they provide all the services needed…scheduling, insurance, reporting etc. For any schools looking for testing, I highly recommend them!

Paul Anderson October 14, 2015 9:21 pm

My wife had a procedure done in February and we didn’t get a bill until October. Even though this was the first time we had received notice of this, it was labeled as an “URGENT MATTER”. When we tried to get information about why there would be an outstanding bill for over $3200, we were told that we had to pay $500 today or it would go to collections tomorrow. We had no idea that this was “out of network” or we wouldn’t have gone through with the procedure in the first place. The doctor’s office did not make us aware this was out of network and the Vascular Testing Services and Vascular Diagnostics associates never told us it was out of network. This is a sleazy way to conduct business. Ask for costs up front and get it in writing! They have no compassion for people.