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brooke c March 11, 2021 12:39 am

Updating my review. I’ve since changed dentists and have never been happier. I left Yamato Dental after a messed up procedure and lots of pain! Changed dentists and quickly realized how over-zealous and money hungry this office really is. I was charged almost $300 for imaging that my new dentist did for free. I’ll let them keep the two stars – the office is clean and they have fancy equipment. The dentists are also knowledgable, but I found they like to do more than is necessary.

Original review:
**Professional, high-tech office. I found their new patient paperwork / process odd, but not off-putting enough to deduct a star. I will be back and have referred family and friends.

Michael Ulula December 18, 2020 1:28 am

If you are like I used to be, afraid of dentists and suffering from anxiety at the very thought of visiting one, then worry no longer. I went on a Saturday because I was in so much pain and could not wait until Monday. I did not have an appointment and they were booked solid. I did not expect to be seen and was ready to make the rounds finding any place that I could, but the very kind and generous people at Yamato Family Dental took one look at my sorry pain-stricken face and told me to wait and someone would make some time to see me.

I was ready to wait whatever number of hours I had to, but within 20 minutes I was called in. I was seen by Dr. Paul and Rania (his assistant), and I explained all my fears and anxieties. I have never met more patient, kind, considerate and understanding people before. I was given a full exam and diagnosed within minutes. I went home with antibiotics and an appointment to have 5 infected teeth removed a few days later.

I was amazed how efficient and painless the surgery went. I think Dr. Paul and Rania spent more time making sure I was comfortable, relaxed and numb than they did with the surgery. Needless to say I have a new dentist !! After the surgery was over, the pain was all gone and recovery was quick and painless (just some swelling). If you fear dentist or suffer from anxiety, or even if you do not, I highly recommend this place. The entire staff are not only professionals but they treat you like family.

Michael Martinez

Eric Drew December 8, 2020 7:45 pm

This office is pretty good if you can get past the front desk. But the front desk is absolutely terrible.

My wife and I showed up to our appointments one Saturday only to be told that my wife didn’t have an appointment that day and it had been rescheduled. That’s fine and all, except their story changed more than once.

They first said that my wife had called to change the appointment. She hadn’t. Then they said they had called my wife to ask if her appointment could be changed. They hadn’t.

I was eventually told it was changed because she had to see a specific doctor. I asked them why that was the case, but I never got a response.

So I had my appointment and then was told I could benefit from a mouth guard to wear when I was sleeping. They confirmed with me that the guard was covered 80% by the insurance company. Like others have posted in their reviews about this office, that wasn’t the case.

I first got a bill for $300, which was for the full amount of the guard. They didn’t even take into account the $61 I paid to them when I was in the office. They then redid the bill, accounting for credits my wife and I had on our accounts and the $61, bringing the total down to $69.

I emailed back and forth with this office about why I was being billed. She proceeded to show me something I signed agreeing to pay should the insurance company not cover a charge. She tried to blame the insurance company. But again, they told me the insurance company confirmed with them that it was 80% covered.

So today I called the insurance company, who said that the provider never contacted them about the guard. There was no record of them calling or otherwise contacting them when I visited in October, only when I was there in February.

So if you like being stuck in the abyss that is being a customer given the runaround by a healthcare provider and an insurance company, this office is the one for you. If they had just stuck with providing the basic services and not gotten greedy telling me I needed the guard, they would probably still have our business.

Kayla Jimenez November 16, 2020 3:14 pm

Never in my life have I experience painless dental procedures, until I came here. Quick. Safe. Amazing. Painless! No anxiety. All thanks to Dr. Maria and the amazing team. I will NEVER go anywhere else.

Thomas Hehir October 9, 2020 4:49 pm

Incredible staff. Made me feel very relaxed and such pros!! I had major renovating done to my mouth and they changed my life. It brought me to tears on what an amazing job they did. Total transformation. Thank you so much and highly recommend. There is no other place to go but Yamato Dental!!! Thank you again!!!!