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Somerset Place Apartment Homes offers apartments in Boca Raton near West Camino Real with excellent amenities. Visit our website for more info & schedule a tour!

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Eric Bertrand September 21, 2020 3:48 pm

Marketed as luxury apartments but really just trash. The only change the carpets out every 5 years no matter how many people lived there, the windows are absolutely terrible, half of them dont open, they rattle at the slightest wind, the appliances are old and constantly break and every one i knew there for the 3 years i was there had AC problems. We had a leak in the line and freon was leaking so every few months our house would be ten degress higher than the desired temp we set it at. I never could get the temp under 74, even if i set the temp to 66. every month my electric bill was around $230. After a few days they would put more freon. this went on for 3 years. Ive given them lists of things that were broke and it would take them months to complete them and because they switch maintenance people so often, the job doesnt get completed. its a constant cat and mouse game with Iliana and Sylvia. then upon moving out , i wanted them to be there so i could get in writing that everythying was OK. they said they couldnt because of covid. really ?LOL. so after i have moved out, you cant just want into the empty apartment and look around and sign a letter saying everything was in good shape. so Sylvia agreed to meet me and never showed up. when i called her she said to leave teh key under the matt. 6 weeks later i get a bill for $700 worth of “damages” , which i had to pay or they threatened to sent to collections. My credit is 760 . what was i to do. I didnt agree with half of the charges . the other half i said id pay but they ignored me and just sent me the same letter again and again. THe place is trash, the management is trash, the maintenance people are probably decent , just trying to do there jobs, but again , management is trash so it trickles down. Oh, last but not least, your rent WILL go up every year , no matter what. Im telling you, there are plenty of other places for the same price that are MUCH better. Im in one right now actually.


You can see the same copy paste apology for every negative review.. they could care less. however, they were quick to reply though… way faster than if i was a resident with an issue. go figure

Alexis Weisner August 4, 2020 8:29 pm

DONT SIGN A LEASE HERE. Management company and leasing office are both TERRIBLE. No one is ever in any office here or at sister properties. They do not care about safety AT ALL. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Mariolene Joseph March 7, 2020 6:17 pm

I’ve been lived here for almost a year. Whatever issues I’ve had have been addressed immediately by Kamiyah at the office. I’ve been met with a smiling face each and answer to my questions each time I’ve gone to her.

Manda L July 29, 2019 2:02 am

I’ve been living here for almost a year. Maintance SUCKS the woman at the front desk SUCKS. Horrible customer service. When I have issues they say it’s out of their control and can’t fix it. What kind of customer service is that? Highly recommend to look else where this has been the worst apartment I have ever rented.

DO NOT RENT HERE. 2.5 star ratings disgusting

***funny how you respond on my review but when I address an issue to you it never gets resolved. Let’s not act like you actually do your job.

Brandon Fico July 14, 2017 8:45 pm

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!! I lived here and the A/C was constantly breaking and maintenance took forever to fix it, just to for the A/C to break again weeks later. The washer and dryer would consistently break and would never be replaced. Also, the first building on the left when you drive into to the community had a severe fire in which residents had to relocate for months.
However, the worst part is the lack of record keeping. I moved out a few years ago and they have no record of me living there?! I applied for an apartment recently and used this place as a reference because my other rented apartments were privately owned and don’t carry as much weight. The office staff told me they don’t keep records of previous tenants and wouldn’t acknowledge that I previously lived there and payed rent on time and was in good standing. When I asked to speak with the Manger Jessica, she refused to take my phone call and completely ignored the situation. Completely unprofessional administrative staff!
Don’t live here……